Giving Thanks in Charm City

My nephew and brother – home for the holiday.

Health. Laughing until it hurts. Laughing until I cry. Listening to my cat breath in her sleep. Deep breaths. Snuggling under blankets. Full bellies. Clipping a hangnail. The shower after a hot yoga class. Family – biological and adopted. Reading a good book. Writing something I like. Skipping. Someone playing with my hair. Sneezing. Naps. Breakfast food. Walks. Having a safe home. Being intellectually stimulated. Getting a paycheck. Mashed potatos. Dancing. Parades. Celebrations. Having things to celebrate. Having people to celebrate with. Hearing my niece or nephews call me Aunt Sarah. Bubble baths. Music.

In years past I’ve made it a practice to draw turkey hands; they’re fun, and the simple exercise is one of the best ways to get me thinking. History aside, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. What better day than one nestled in fall, designed for family, friends, good food, good drinks, and celebrating fortune.

I could sit here for hours listing the minutia: wet grass on my feet in the summer, the soft spot behind a lover’s ear, the smell of clean clothes… but instead, I’m going to go enjoy these things I am blessed to have. We’ve all congregated in my parents home, made our pilgrimage to Baltimore from our respective homes to enjoy each other and our blessings.

A very happy day of thanks to you. May you be healthy, happy and warm.

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