Sarah in the Big Easy

The bulk of my time in New Orleans was spent working. I was in town for a CASE conference. I have been feeling quite fortunate to work at a university that is willing to invest in my professional development and excited to explore a new city. My evening aspirations were simple: to eat as much food as I could (tough with the recent BP situation) and walk down Bourbon Street with a beverage.

I had been to New Orleans once prior to this trip and was incredibly sick with a debilitating crud. I spent all my time outside of meetings inside my bed.

Because you can only remember so much after a hurricane and antifreeze slushies, my memories of NOLA will be shared mostly pictorially.

Upon arrival my Mom, who joined me to take advantage of the hotel room, and I took an afternoon walk around the French Quarter.


There was a spectacularly creepy street performer.



And Nawlins really loves its psychics. We didn’t get to go on a ghost tour OR have our eggs read… this trip.

But we did see a haunting statue


and ate some seriously kick-ass food.



From Arnaud’s


And Domenica, a brilliant recommendation from our Arnaud’s server, Ellen. Ellen is my foodie fairy godmother. Ellen sent us to a 1/2 price pizza and beer happy hour which I chronicled on Untappd. This is a Gorgonzola, apple, and speck pizza. Yes. I said it.


In case you’re interested in drooling or want to live vicariously through my spoiled tastebuds, this is fried kale with pine nuts, pecorino and some amazing and unidentifiable lemon-vinegar dressing.


Fried egg. On everything. Love.


Really? Are you still reading? I’ve already had to grab a hanky to swab the saliva from my chin. This bad boy had goat cheese, tahini, onions, and …. some other stuff.

Only one picture made it from The Pelican Club. Everything was so delicious I couldn’t manage to break myself from the rabid shoveling of food to my mouth in order to operate iOS 6.


Call me a snobby New Yorker, but I couldn’t imagine NOLA having much to offer in the realm of fashion. Don’t most people come here to spend their time topless wearing cheap plastic beads? Boy was I wrong. Check out these adorable headbands from the store Feet First.


It’s totally impossible to do these trinkets justice in iPhone photography. Also, I’d just missed a flight, flown, and changed in under 15 minutes and was in no mood to model. The headbands are designed by sisters in the NOLA area here is their site, you should check them out. Finding the kitsch no matter what city I’m in…

A few more highlights from my time strolling through the French Quarter of the Big Easy…


The sweetest jazz trio I’ve encountered. Serenaded table-side. My request? Billie Holiday, Them There Eyes.


Walking down Bourbon, my colleague Sarah and I were accosted by a shot boy. Not just any shot boy, a shot boy who prays on unsuspected tipsy New Yorkers hungry for daiquiris. Caelen seduced us with his purple slippers and socks and mid-drift exposing t-shirt. I won’t subject anyone to the photographic evidence of the debauchery that followed, but you can infer there were repulsive, watered down, explicitly named, rum shots taken out of Mr. Fabulous’ mouth.

From here, things get blurry.

But, I’ve got a thing for (you guessed it) kitschy bikes – and so does NOLA!



After the anti-freeze slushie and a sampling of ecstasy, lighter fluid, and I’m-going-to-want-to-die-tomorrow…



Sarah and I found ourselves regressing…


Big. Ass. Beers.


More than once Sarah was mistaken for Lois Lane. I think it was her awesome glasses, because her lovely rain coat screamed Carmen Sandiego to me.


Dress ups.


General ridiculousness

Our final stop of the evening was Patty O’Brien’s. I can’t say the memories are clear, but the decor relies on fire and water. At this point in the evening (earlier than I am proud to admit) the dichotomous and tacky theme was more or less beyond comprehension for me.


Our final interaction was with a lovely gentleman server named Arthur – I think. Arthur was stunned at Sarah’s resemblance to S.E. Cupp. Neither of us knew Cupp, but were intrigued with Arthur’s description of her as a conservative atheist TV personality. Despite clumsy finger, we had enough intrigue to operate the Google machine, and were pleased with the photo results we found. I’ll have to do some more research on what the heck a conservative atheist might have to say for herself. Perhaps on the plane? It was a fun evening and I enjoyed being escorted by a perceived celebrity.

Today awaits my final day of the CASE conference with a focus on young alumni. Surely this will be the highlight for me, with the exception of Michael Stoner who spoke yesterday on social media integration into multichannel marketing campaign efforts. Away I go to nerd-out on learning and exploration of a new city.

And a big internet congratulatory hug to Ann Marie for her Mobbie win last night: Best Personal Food Blog!

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