On Saturday I attended the 3rd annual Towsonopoly tournament at Towson University’s West Village Commons. This was my second year at the event and I was pleased to see the fundraiser for the university has continued to grow and improve.

First Round – 16 Tables of 4

Each year the event benefits a different initiative on campus. The recipient of the funds for this tournament is Towson’s Institute for Well-Being. When I worked at Towson I had the pleasure to spend a limited amount of time with the Development office strategizing how to raise funds for this premiere center. Although I no longer work at the university I’m pleased to see the fruits of the labor of my old colleagues and the IWB staff.

The event is an absolute blast. Attendees who are players participate in 3 1-hour speed rounds of Towson’s version of monopoly.

The board, Round 1

There are some rules to help keep the game moving and encourage strong moves early in the game. To ensure fairness for the players, each table is assigned a banker. The banker deals properties and pays when you pass “go” etc.

Dealing at the 2011 Tournament

The organizers of the event really go all out. An entertainment company is hired who provides the casino games, staff, and decor. There is a sit-down dinner between rounds 1 and 2 and an impressive silent auction.

While at the event I thought about what a benefit it is to have a relationship with multiple universities. Fordham, my alma mater, and Towson, where many of my relatives attended. Higher education and the opportunity for it to be accessible to all is very important to me. I’m looking forward to building relationships with other universities as I advance in my career and grow my personal network. Perhaps some day I will get to be a professor. For those of you who don’t know me well, being a professor is one of many dreams. My When I Grow Up list continues to grow and perhaps it should be renamed my Renaissance Woman list.

So, in the future when I am teaching the psychology of sex, or philosophy of attraction as an octogenarian, I’d like to be dressing exactly like these gems.

The even was a fantastic trial run for testing out my delightfully tacky wardrobe. Also to support my claim I’m bringing the kitsch to Hell’s Kitchen. Sporting the Towson University mascot, I wore this splendorous sparkly Tiger broach as a headband from Thrift & New in NYC.

The Eye of the Tiger

Reflecting on the event is always a blast. Since some of my previous colleagues are now dear friends, I am able to make suggestions for the future and praise their success. This event renews my enthusiasm for fundraising and higher education in a really awesome way. I’ll need it for when I return to work on Wednesday after Crane-cation 2012.

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