Unintended Vacation

Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for my baskets of baked goods. In case you’ve forgotten my address, feel free to comment below and I will be in touch where you can deliver my meals for the rest of the week.

Joking aside, Sandy has given me the opportunity to reflect. My parents who live near the woods have been without power since Monday morning. Multiple trees have fallen on our shed and taken down power lines, leaving them and neighbors vulnerable to electrocution. Many people have lost their homes either temporarily or permanently. Others still have been unable to go to work and aren’t being compensated for their time out of the office. The list of ways people have been affected could go on and on – some of the devastation unimaginable to me. Far beyond the material possession or riches that can be restored in time with insurance, help from friend, or hard work, are the memories lost with damaged photos, ruined computers and years spent in a house made a home.

I’m blessed to have not lost power and am being paid to stay out of my office due to a construction crane accident at a non-Fordham property on 57th Street east of 7th Avenue. I’m not taking this for granted. There are times I’ll look at the TV, listen to the news, or read an article and wonder how I got so lucky. There are other times I beat my fists on the floor crying wondering “why me?” I guess it all evens out. I’ve had my share of terrible realities and probably more to come. I suppose this time, Sandy, and my fortune is one of the many reminders in my life to be grateful for the good that comes my way. I will spend today channeling speedy recovery to those affected, enjoying the fall, and looking for volunteer opportunities to help NYC get back on her feet. If you’re interested in volunteering in the NY area, check out these resources to get you started:

The snapped crane is resting many stories up on this building.

You can read more about the crane and effort to stabilize here.

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